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A Time and Project Management App

Tech Stack: Django/Django Rest Framework, PostgreSQL, React.js, Redux, d3


When I was working as an academic, I often longed to find an intuitive, effective time and project management app: something that would help me work consistently and effectively during the precious unstructured time of summer months. More recently, I have been thinking about issues of equity around the distribution of labor responsibilities in homes and workplaces,. Temporalite responds to these issues, by offering the user a toolkit of ways to enter, track, and visualize their time usage. It also provides a project management dashboard (currently, basically a todo-list). As I continue to build out the app, I look forward to adding task categorization, collaboration functionality and more robust data visualization.

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A recipe manager and shopping list app

Tech Stack: Node.js, MongoDB, Express, React.js, Redux


There are any number of recipe manager/shopping list apps out there, but I wanted to build one that really works: one that isn't lacking necessary features, and sports a pleasant UI. Omnivorous is my attempt to bring this to fruition. The app is powered by a Node.js/MongoDB cookie-secured API which features, in addition to normal CRUD operations for recipes, grocery lists, and meal plans (someday), automated recipe importing via a custom-built node module, Kitchenhand, which retrieves and parses structured recipe data from the web. The UI is still very much a work in progress. If I have my druthers, I will someday port the app for mobile with React Native.

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A website for lovers of vintage fountain pens

Tech Stack: Node.js, Express, MongoDB, EJS, AWS-S3, Sass×

For this project, I developed a template-driven, custom CMS with Node.js, Express, and MongoDB to serve as the backend for a revamped I was eager to see what I could build "from the ground up" in fullstack JavaScript. The site now dynamically displays the Rosspens collection, allows for the dynamic creation of static pages, and handles scalable image uploads through AWS-S3--all overseen by a custom admin interface.

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A developer portfolio built with GatsbyJS

Tech Stack: GatsbyJS, React, GraphQL, Markdown, Tachyons.css×

I built this, my portfolio site, using GatsbyJS. GatsbyJS is a static site generator built upon React, with a GraphQL data layer interface. The site uses a Gatsby plugin to dynamically generate both project entries and blog posts from Markdown files, making the site flexible and extensible. To style the site, I again called upon the Tachyons CSS library. The photography is my own.